The Israeli-American Teen Suspected Over Jewish Bomb Threats Has Been Charged In The US

Michael Kadar appears in Israeli court.


The Israeli-American teenager who was arrested and charged last month in Israel in connection with many of the recent bomb threats against Jewish organizations in the US and other countries is now facing charges in the US, the Justice Department announced Friday.

Michael Ron David Kadar, an 18-year-old dual-citizen of the United States and Israel, is facing charges in federal courts in both Florida and Georgia.

He is accused of making bomb threats and active shooter threats to numerous Jewish Community Centers throughout Florida from January to March this year. Nothing was detonated and no one was hurt in connection with any of the threats.

In Georgia, Kadar is accused of placing a Jan. 3 call to a police department alleging a violent emergency at a private residence in Athens, Georgia. Police responded to the scene, only to find that there was no danger.

BuzzFeed News reached out to the FBI and DOJ on Friday to ask if US officials plan to request extradition for Kadar to be brought to the US.

Last month, Kadar was arrested in Israel after a joint investigation by Israeli police, the FBI, and Homeland Security.

He has been charged in Israel with threats targeting the US, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand over the past six months.

Along with threats to Jewish centers, he is suspected over a 2015 threat to JFK airport where Delta Airlines flights were grounded after the suspect claimed there were explosives around and inside the airport.

The authorities who raided Kadar’s house confiscated computers, antennas, and other sophisticated equipment used to make robocall threats around the world.

BuzzFeed News tallied more than 100 threats that have been made to Jewish Community Centers and schools around the US since the start of 2017.

During the hunt for a suspect, US law enforcement sources confirmed that the persons responsible for the threats used intricate technology — such as voice-masking and caller-ID spoofing — to shield their identity.

In a separate related case, a disgraced American journalist, Juan Thompson, was arrested and charged in US federal court with cyberstalking related to eight of the more than 100 threats made to American organizations. Thompson pleaded not guilty and is being held in New York City where he awaits trial.

LINK: An American-Israeli Teen Was Arrested In Connection With Several Bomb Threats To Jewish Centers


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