Watch The Grand Canyon Get Swallowed By A Thick Fog

This time-lapse video captured every incredible minute of it.

Courtesy Skyglow Project / Via

In a wild time-lapse video recently released by the two photographers behind Skyglow project, a book and video series exploring the effects of light pollution, we see a fog roll into the Grand Canyon like an ocean wave and the Colorado River disappear.

It’s called a full cloud inversion and is caused by cold air trapped inside the canyon being covered by a layer of warm air. The weather phenomenon is so rare that it took years to capture the footage.

In an interview with BuzzFeed News, Harun Mehmedinovic explained how the project came together and the explosive final frame of the video.

[vimeo 217407298 w=560 h=308]

When was the footage captured?

Harun Mehmedinovic: Over a two-year period, between early 2015 and 2017.

How did you first learn about full cloud inversions?

HM: By actually seeing it in person at the Grand Canyon! I knew about other inversions — in fact, in many places on Earth they are commonplace — but at the Grand Canyon they are rare.

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