Cyalume Green Glow Sticks – 12 Hours of Premium Bright Light, 6” SnapLight Light Sticks for a Variety of Uses (10 Pack)


12 HOURS OF BRIGHT LIGHT: Our patented, long-lasting formulations provide bright, high light output for up to 12 hours at a time, ensuring you have the light you need when electric light isn’t an option
SAFE AND DURABLE: Industrial-grade construction means our light sticks are high quality and durable, plus they are waterproof, non-flammable and have a non-toxic chemistry. They’re an illumination product you can trust, and a great option to add to your emergency preparedness pack!
5-YEAR SHELF LIFE: Our SnapLight glow sticks have a guaranteed 5-year shelf life, and each are individually foil wrapped. You can safely store them for years without harm to the light stick or components


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Welcome to Our Store
Welcome to Our Store
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