ORDRO Wifi Video Camcorder Full HD 1080p Handheld Digital Camera with External Microphone (HDV-Z20)

EXTERNAL MICROPHONE – With a high-quality, low noise, professional shotgun microphone, automatically noise canceling effectively and enhance sound quality. When you switch “OFF” to “0dB” or “10dB”, the light will flash then off for power saving, but the microphone is in the pick up condition. When the light is flashing for a long time or it always flash during use, indicates the power is very low and need to change a new battery.
WIFI FUNCTION – Built-in WIFI, use cell phone or tablet download “LzxViewer” APP at first, and then open camcorder screen click WIFI app, you will see the WIFI name and password, enter password to connect your camcorder. You can control camera and download files from camcorder when you open “LzxViewer” APP, take photos and video recording easy, effective range less than 9.8 feet.
REMOTE CONTROL – Easy to use remote control wireless operate camcorder video shooting and take photos, through 16x digital zoom W/T button adjust function, can be used with a standard tripod. Perfect for home use and outdoor activities, effective range less than 19.7 feet.


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Welcome to Our Store
Welcome to Our Store
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