Here Is All The Fake News About Texas Church Shooting

A gunman opened fire at the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas. No, Sam Hyde was not the shooter.

“It was reported to me that he's actually not from this community. Apparently his name was released as Sam Hyde, that was the name I was given,” Rep. Gonzalez said on CNN on Sunday afternoon.

Time and time again, after numerous mass shooting in the US, the name of prankster and comedian Sam Hyde is widely circulated on social media as the alleged shooter — he is not.

It is unclear how Gonzalez heard that Hyde was the alleged shooter, but a barrage of social media posts, often originating from users of 4chan, often flood Twitter naming Hyde as the shooter.

So pervasive is the hoax that a history of Hyde as being named as a mass shooter was written about by BuzzFeed News last year.

Reviewbrah, the man behind the popular YouTube channel “TheReportOfTheWeek,” was also recently falsely claimed as missing after the October shooting in Las Vegas that left 58 people dead.

So popular was another hoax that Reiewbrah was missing after the attack at an Ariane Grande concert in Manchester, the YouTuber was compelled to release a video titled, “I am alive.”



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