Trump Had A Busy Morning Tweeting Disparaging Things About Women

President Trump spent Tuesday morning tweeting disparaging remarks about several woman, including those who have accused him of sexual harassment and a US senator who has called for his resignation amid those claims.

Trump started with an attack on his accusers, who came forward during the 2016 election. Three went on a national media blitz on Monday to bring new attention to their accusations, and another woman will appear on Megyn Kelly Today on Tuesday.

Many people — including reporters who cover Trump — were quick to point out how unlikely it is that Trump doesn't know or never met the women:

Trump has said on a hot microphone that he likes to grab women “by the pussy” and said on the radio that he liked to walk in on his beauty pageant contestants while they were getting dressed. (Trump said his hot mic remarks were “locker room talk” and the White House has called his accusers liars.)

Trump also fired off a tweet laced with sexual innuendo against US Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, who called on Trump to resign after his accusers spoke out on Monday.

Trump claimed Gillibrand would “come to my office 'begging' for campaign contributions” and “would do anything for them.”

Gillibrand responded, “you cannot silence me.”

Trump's lashing out comes as his treatment of and views on women are again in the national spotlight. He's also endorsed an Alabama US senate candidate, Roy Moore, who is accused of sexual assault and molesting a young teenager — that election is tonight.

Trump again tweeted his support for Moore on Tuesday morning:


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