It's So Cold In Florida That Iguanas Are Freezing And Falling From Trees

It’s raining lizards?!

People have been seeing iguanas falling from trees…

Instagram: @seasthaday

The New Jersey State Police had some serious shade for Florida and their iguana problem. “Apparently it’s so cold in Florida, iguanas 🦎 are falling from trees. True. Temperatures are in the 40’s down there,” a post from the NJ State Police reads. “Don’t worry about the iguanas, they’re saying that most of them are just too cold to move and that they’ll be just fine. So that’s good. But we sure do feel sorry for you folks down there who have to deal with such a brutal cold spell. Poor things.”

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Facebook: NewJerseyStatePolice

But not to worry, Florida knew how to throw it right back.

“I love all the Bomb Cyclone photos!!! Here’s a video for you – frozen iguana!” Jenna Isola, a Florida resident, wrote on her Facebook post that shows someone carrying a frozen iguana by its tail that is literally as big as the person.

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