ALARM SIGNS – 4 Pack 3″ x 5″ Commercial & Home Security Signs, Surveillance Video CCTV Warning! Deterrence Decals

SAFETY TIPS – # 1.) “DON’T POST YOUR ALARM COMPANY SIGNS” (Relay Attack): Don’t! give burglars any information about your alarm company, Police officials have determined that burglars can bypass or hack your wireless system (See “Relay Attack”). Instead, just post general deterrent signs.
2. “REAL MONITORING and EQUIPMENT”: Burglars Google the alarm signs to check if the sign and monitoring services are real. Be sure to only purchase deterrent signs form brands that also sell “REAL” alarm/surveillance Equipment and Monitoring services.
3. “AlarmPolice® and SolarAlarm® QUALITY DETERRENT SIGNS”: Burglars soon learn that SolarAlarm® Alarm/Surveillance products are “REAL” and compatible with most major security devices.

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